Environmentally friendly fiber products

The company’s strategy is to continuously develop the product quality and offering to meet the demands of both household and professional sectors.

The objective in purchasing is to strive for environmental friendly raw materials and in addition packaging materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Delight Packaging aims to be a flexible partner to whom service and quality are the most important values in daily operations.


The DeLight products can be recycled and recovered in package recycling schemes.

Compared with traditional packaging materials, such as aluminium and CPET, DeLight offers better sealability and recyclability.



Raw material

DeLight is mainly fiber-based product that offers an attactive alternative to many competing materials in terms of sustainability.

DeLight products are mainly from renewable raw materials. Ultra-light materials used in production eases logistics and warehousing.

Low carbon footprint

The studies have shown that the carbon footprint of DeLight products are lower compared to many competing packaging materials such as plastic and aluminum.

DeLight packaging is constantly working to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions along the company’s value chain.

This involves  creating innovative products based on renewable raw materials, and developing cleaner and more efficient processes and operations.

We aim to utilize bio-energy in the production as much as possible.