Our quality policy is based on systematic activities, which are implemented in accordance with the self-monitoring plan. The quality policy is based on transparent and honest communication with our partners. A prerequisite for our partners is to comply with general certifications in the field, such as the European Commission's regulations for food safety ISO22000. Our quality policy is supported by a clean, clean and motivating work environment, which promotes good communication and monitoring in production.

Our quality system ensures the control of processes and is a guarantee for the high quality of our products and its development.


Delight Oy supplies dishes for the food industry, large municipal kitchens, and other HoReCa customers. The safety assessment is based on an assessment of self-monitoring, production processes, suppliers and raw materials. Delight Oy implements self-monitoring in its production processes. Delight Oy complies with the standards of the Finnish and European food authorities. Delight and suppliers guarantee traceability for all components used in manufacturing.